Fur Fakeout: 7 Faux Fur Sewing Tips

4 Faux fur

What do Fendi, Lanvin, Burberry, and Chanel all have in common? Faux fur!

Fur has been a favorite for cold weather by designers throughout history.  Luckily, today we are fortunate to have access to  faux fur that is humane, excellent quality, and low maintenance.  Don’t be intimidated by this unusual textile.  Choosing the right faux fur fabric is simple and fun!

7 Easy Tips on How to Sew Faux Fur:

  1. Backings: The quality of the backing of faux fur is what will make or break your project.  There are two types of backing material: woven cotton or synthetic knit.  Knit backed furs are less expensive and can usually be machine washed.  Cotton backed furs are more expensive and durable, but need to be dry cleaned.
  2. Textile Patterns and Pile: Faux fur comes in a variety of patterns, from fantasy to mimicked animal fur.  Be aware of the pile of faux fur you choose.  The softer and finer the fibers, plus more per square inch, makes a better-quality faux fur.

    Faux Fur Feather

    Faux Fur Feather

  3. Sewing Patterns: When using a sewing pattern to cut out faux fur, flip the fur to the wrong side and pin the template in place using long pins with large heads.  Trace around the pattern with tailor’s chalk first, then remove the pattern to cut.Trace fur chalk
  4. Nap: Fur has nap or direction in which the fur lays.  Make sure to position all your pattern pieces in the same nap direction for the finished garment.  The nap should all be point toward the floor when it is all sewn together.
  5. Cutting: Use an x-acto knife or craft knife to cut the backing, never use scissors or your beautiful faux fur will shed in all the wrong places.  Avoid cutting any of the fur pile; cut the backing only.Rasor and fabric
  6. Seams: Sew in the same direction as the fur for best results.  Use a large needle (size 14 to 16) and a long stitch length.
  7. Fluff and Trim: Use a comb to brush the fur at the seam on the right side to get rid of loose fibers. Trim the seam allowance on the wrong side with small scissors or a mustache trimmer to reduce bulk.

Here are some inspiration projects to get your creative juices flowing!

Fur scarf from Meagan's Moda

Fur scarf from Meagan’s Moda

J. Mendel Faux Fur

J. Mendel Faux Fur



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